Genderhealthclinic is ready to start, only waiting on the Wtza license

Our Promises

Tailord Genderhealthcare

Our care fits itself around you

Tailord Genderhealthcare

We are giving support to trans persons in which we look what is the best way to work with you. We plan together with you the appointments for your treatment at our clinic. If you want to have contact 100% online or 100% face2face or a mingle between those to uttest: we adjust ourselves to your situation as mucht as possible. Moreover, from 8 to 20 and on saturday you can reach out to us via telephone, whatsapp or our social media. Between 22 and 8 you can also call us in case of emergencies.

Genderhealthcare specialist

We are driven to deliver gender specialized care

Genderhealthcare specialist

Our organization is specialized in genderhealthcare. That means that our medical specialist are trained to help trans persons. Also our organization is run by people with knowing by heart the issues of trans persons. Our team has a high representation of the LGBTIQA community. With our team we can give you the best genderhealthcare that is needed.

Genderhealthcare network

We work closely with partners to deliver outstanding genderhealthcare

Genderhealthcare network

Genderhealthclinic specializes in the medical part of your transition. Together with genderhealthcare and later on with other Mental Healthcare or Specialized Genderteams we will help you with Genderhealthcare. Together with other medical specialized care institutes, we offer specialized care for trans persons.

A thrive for quality

Genderhealthcare works everyday hard to deliver you high Quality

A thrive for quality

You and your wishes are central point for us in providing healthcare for you. We are constant listening to the wishes of our clients and moreover working on constant improvement to provide the highest quality for trans persons. Also we are using ISO processes which are calibrated on the ZKN norms (including hygiene audits) to guide our team to achieve the maximum quality. Also our employees are encouraged to come up with improvements or signals if something needs to be improved.

Our healthcare services

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Frequently asked questions:


We don’t have contracts with healthcare insurance companies. We use the average market tariffs. The extra fee that you need to pay by yourself. Will that be an issue, please contact our healthcare planning on +31 (0) 20 2442 020

We are working together with the following network partners:

  • MK Velzen Noord for SRS surgeries for MtF trans persons
  • MC Bloemendaal for mascetomie surgery.
  • Facial team for Facial surgery.
  • VUmc for SRS surgery for FtM perons

Genderhealthclinic is situated in Utrecht. For checkups you need to travel to Utrecht. The rest of communication will find place as much as possible online.

We are currently working to see if we can use more and more proven technology so we can do the consults online for hormone therapy.

This depends on which healthcare. So please click on the healthcare services to see what the process is.

You can contact us on Untill 31th of december 2022 we will only serve Genderhealthcare clients that need hormone therapy. After that we will be open for hormone treatment of other genderteams or genderpsychologists.

Our hormone treatment is performed by S. Mors Bouh-Bouh. She is an experienced internist in the field of fertility and hormones. She had an education from the VUmc. She works one daypart per week at our clinic. We are currently recruiting extra doctors to join our genderhealthclinic.

For other questions, plan your appointment in our agenda’s: